To Order Hemp Clones:


1. Select your varieties by clicking on "Our Plants" at the top. 

2. Email varieties and quantity to confirm availability.
3. Specify requested pickup date (at least 3 weeks after deposit)
4. Specify pickup (Cary, NC or Ebony, VA or inquire about shipping $50/150 plants)

5. We will confirm and send you a PayPal request for the 25% deposit, 
6. Pickup, inspect plants, and pay balance in cash, check or PayPal

To Order CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Oil, or Prerolls:


1. Click below on "CBD Hemp Flower" and select variety

2. Choose "Standard Shipping" (3 day) or "Local Pickup" and receive email to schedule pickup time

3. Complete Checkout with PayPal



Cary, NC and Lake Gaston, VA

(919) 616 - 9764